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Thought I might fall over...

I went through a stretch where I felt completely off-tilt. Not dizzy, but woozy. It's funny how years ago, I simply would've gone to bed and waited for whatever was ailing me to pass, but instead, I felt the need to tackle getting a few things in order. I've put off going through the countless thousands of pictures I have on my computer, and decided I should make a photo album for each of the grandkids. I find it funny, that as soon as I had completed the daunting task, I felt much better. Maybe it was the universe telling me that time is precious.

Sure, time is precious, but to be honest, I can't wait to see the end of January. I'm actually looking forward to also seeing the end of February. I'm glad things worked out and the US is still a democracy, and a decent man is now running a country, that one can only hope remains a beacon to the world. And there's hope we'll all be vaccinated before the arrival of flying, orange haired monkeys carrying a new godforsaken plague-like ailment to contend with.

My daughter brought me flowers this week. It appears as though they're reaching out, to be sure their presence is front and centre in my space, and for that I'm thankful.

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