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Making Stuffing outside of the bird...

The picture below (taken last Christmas) will give you an idea of how I describe making separate stuffing in the book. A little chicken stock poured into the bottom of the cooking vessel, some stuffing added in, a wall formed with the necks, the remainder of the stuffing added in, and then topped with the remainder of the seared turkey parts. Now, this year, I wasn't able to find necks, and other parts, so I used three turkey drumsticks, and two turkey thighs. Once they were seared, they were set in and around the stuffing, and, good lord, the stuffing was fabulous. Before freezing, I divided some to go to my daughter's cottage, and some to my son's cabin, and a little set aside for us.

Although our COVID numbers are low here in North Bay, I sensed that a lockdown might be announced because the numbers are high and/or rising in other parts of the province, and it seemed likely that the powers-that-be might decide to deter travel. I'll miss having everyone together, but it brings me great comfort to know that their spaces will be cozy, warm, and filled with the aroma of being "home".

Today is the Winter Solstice, and our 41st wedding anniversary. I hope we are able to see the planetary "star" that should be visible in the sky forty-five minutes after sunset. If I'm able to get a decent picture, I'll post it tomorrow. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event, so I do hope we're successful seeing it.

Cheers, from my kitchen in North Bay, Ontario!

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